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    "I wanted to thank you and your organization for the experience and professional assistance I received from Bruce Hillman. His work was fantastic, really top drawer! As you could imagine, after 30 years in the Army, numerous deployments, many headaches and heartaches, turning that experience over to a person that I have not met, was not easy. His prose was magnificent. He took all of the gibberish that I provided and turned it into a world class product. I have used other resume companies and have not received the same results, or trust. My many thanks as I begin this new chapter in my life. I feel greatly prepared with his product."-W. Wood
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Military to Federal Resumes

Developing a Military to Federal Government Resume

Retiring or separating from service in the military can be an exciting time, as long as you take the necessary steps to identify a new career path that will lead to a fulfilling future. Transitioning from a military career to the federal government in a Civil Service position is a natural move for a veteran. The culture is somewhat similar, and there are some valuable benefits that are transferable from the military to federal service. But first, you must develop a compelling military to federal resume that puts you in the position to compete for the open position you desire.

The Value of Military to Federal Resumes That Speaks to Civilians

Building a successful federal resume with military service requires striking a balance that often proves difficult to achieve. Obviously, you have years of experience from your military career that typically includes achievements, character builders and a diverse range of attributes. But what sounds like an impressive list of accomplishments could just be nonsensical military speak to the civilian who receives your military to federal resume. The goal is to not only highlight your achievements, but make them translate beyond your military service into the civilian world.

Not sure how to do that? That’s where we come in. has more than 25 years of experience creating federal resumes for veterans of the Air Force, Army, Marines and Coast Guard. In that time, we’ve developed over 58,000 military transition resumes for countless satisfied customers. We have an 85% success rate for clients landing interviews leading to job offers.

We’re the leading and most trusted career service supporting federal, military and corporate resumes thanks to our award-winning team. Our writers are Master Federal Career Coaches and Master Military Resume Writers who have achieved the highest credentials in the industry. We earned “Best Military Transition Resume” award in the industry back in 2011 and “Best Cover Letter” in 2010. Find out how we can help you with your veteran federal resume.

Tips for Military to Federal Resumes

Writing a military to federal government resume takes a high level of skill, expertise and nuance. Listing a chronological history of your military experience on your resume won’t get you past the federal HR “gatekeepers.” In order to successfully capture their attention, you must have an accomplishment-focused, keyword-enhanced, and content-rich federal resume substantiating your experience in a Challenge-Context-Action-Result (CCAR) example.

Translating your military experience into a federal resume is our specialty. For over two decades we have been the “go-to” writing team for thousands of military veterans. When it comes to developing highly effective, personalized federal resumes for veterans, nobody in the industry does it better. In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to help you land more interviews and get hired faster that we back it up with a 5-Point 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Demilitarize Specific Language

Your military experience must be demilitarized into civilian terminology on your military to federal government resume, unless there is specific equipment, systems, software, or missions that relate directly to the federal position you wish to apply. Our Master Military Resume Writers know the fine line on military experience translation to federal speak.

Writing a military to federal resume requires finding the right language and knowing how to properly translate between military and civilian speak — you want to make sure nothing gets lost in translation. To earn a “Best Qualified” rating and be recommended for an interview with a federal position, your veteran federal resume will need to advertise your most desirable skill sets.

The Same MOS as Thousands of Other Military Members

What will set you apart from everyone else in the military with the same Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)? For starters, your accomplishments. Your military to federal resume should comply with federal application requirements and should be full of qualitative and quantitative results. Think about it; have you ever saved money on equipment, supplies, man-hours, etc.? You likely have, “gold nuggets” of information specific to your success in the military and what will set you apart from your competition, helping you earn a Best Qualified rating.

Partner with us to put an accurate spin on your military experience to land the federal job you desire.

Page last updated 10/20/2014

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