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    D. Jones, Retired SSgt.

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Military to Civilian Resumes

Life Changing Military to Civilian Resumes



As a US military veteran, you have encountered more challenges than many people can imagine. With such an impressive and diverse list of accomplishments, it is tempting to think that standing out during a job search would be incredibly simple. But we know that it isn’t always so easy.

In our experience working with over 55,000 veterans, we know that one of the biggest challenges veterans face is the transition to civilian employment. While serving in the military, you are trained to do more than just perform a set of duties – you’re trained to live your duty and connect service to self at the deepest level. So how could anyone simply turn that off when your military career ends?

Returning to the civilian job market, for many veterans, is akin to living in a foreign country – everyone around you rushes through their daily responsibilities, offering help and advice where they can, but there is somewhat of a disconnect. You feel like you don’t quite speak their language, you can’t express the depth of your accomplishments, and more than anything you need someone who has been through this before and come out on top.

Professional Military to Civilian Resume Services

That is where the experts at Military Resume Writers come in. Many of our Master Military Career Advisers have faced the same challenges, making us equipped and prepared to help you get comfortable in your ideal career track and discover your long-term career goals. Whether you're interested in pursuing a career in civil service, tackling the USAJobs resume system, or becoming a contractor, we've got you covered. With us on your team, navigating the civilian job market can become one of the most exciting challenges you’ll face in your life after the military.

The transition from military to civilian life can be difficult and stressful, especially for those who have enjoyed a long and productive military career. In addition to adapting to a new way of life, it may also be necessary to find civilian employment as quickly as possible.

The military to civilian resume writing services provided by Military Resume Writers can relieve your anxieties by helping you prepare a military to civilian resume that can facilitate your transition into the corporate world.

Exploring Your Career Options

When transitioning from a military to a civilian career, one of the most difficult challenges is simply knowing where to start. Chances are, it’s been years since you’ve had to apply for a job. Add to that the fact that most civilian employers have little to no understanding of what military service entails, and it’s easy to get discouraged when beginning your search. Luckily, can help. The key to landing a rewarding private sector job is to put your skills into terms employers can understand. The best way to do that is with a professionally written military to civilian resume.

What’s Important in a Military Transition Resume?

If you’re not sure what to say in your Military Transition Resume and what’s important to HR, that’s okay. Our Master Military Resume Writers and Career Coaches will assist you in what type of occupations or specific jobs best fit your experience, skills, and education. Our writers know how to develop the perfect resume with hard-hitting demilitarized content. Add the exact keywords and accomplishments, and a clean presentation that is appealing to the eye and catches the attention of HR, and there you have the ingredients for a perfect military to civilian resume.

We Feature a Highly Accomplished Military to Civilian Resume Writing Team

Are you frustrated with trying to figure out how to translate your military experience into a powerful military resume that speaks the appropriate civilian language to stand out? With Military Resume Writers, you get a military to civilian resume prepared by award-winning writers who have earned noteworthy designations such as Master Military Resume Writers, Master Federal Resume Writers, and Master Federal Career Advisors. Our civilian resume services are so highly regarded that we received the prestigious “Best Military Transition Resume” award for 2011. Our writers have authored a number of significant publications, including “Roadmap to Job-Winning Military to Civilian Resumes,” among hundreds of other career related articles and publications.

Your Experience, Training, Skills, and Education are Valuable

You have an abundance of experience, training, and skills that civilian employers value, if only you could capture all of these factors in civilian language. Military Resume Writers develops thousands of successful military transition resumes each year. We network with, and stay abreast of current hiring trends for, military contractors, federal hiring authorities, and corporate HR to ensure our methods are always current.

Serving Military Veterans of More Than a Quarter Century

We’ve performed resume writing for military to civilian job seekers for more than 25 years. During that time, we’ve helped more than 55,000 veterans prepare an attention-grabbing resume for military to civilian employment situations, helping them to land interviews with an 85 percent success rate. Our comprehensive veteran-oriented team and services have also resulted in a stellar customer satisfaction rate of 99.6 percent.

Thousands of Military to Civilian Success Stories

Visit our testimonials page to read a small sampling of the positive feedback we’ve received over the years. Our clients have gone on to CEO, CFO, CIO and other high level corporate positions, all thanks to the strength of a military to civilian resume that gave them the all-important foot in the door. No matter what your career goals are, can help. Not sure where to begin? We offer comprehensive career counseling as well. Working with our team of Master Federal Career Coaches and military to civilian resume writers, we’ll assess your skills and identify upcoming public and private sector opportunities that are right for you.

Capable Military Resume to Civilian Resume Assistance Awaits You

Assistance from a professional resume writer for military to civilian job candidates is just a phone call away. The first step to a rewarding civilian career is to call our Career Advisors at 800-471-9201 and submit your military career documentation for a Quick Quote and Free Consultation. Discover the many ways in which Military Resume Writers can be your most valuable asset in your career search.


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