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Playing Poker for Your Pay?

What do you really need to consider when it comes to salary negotiations? How do you negotiate fairly with a prospective employer and come to an agreement that works for both parties? This week, takes  a look at the … Continue reading

2015 Careers: Let’s Talk Strategy

  It’s a brand new year and it’s quite likely that you’ve spent some of the holiday time considering your directions for 2015. Since you’re reading here on, it’s safe to conclude that your plans may include a transition … Continue reading

Military to Civilian Translator Series- Part 2

In this series, we will offer just a few of the ways you might “translate” various terms, phrases, and ideas from a military context to something more understandable for civilians. Military Term “Demilitarized” Usage NCOER Performance Appraisal [Insert list of … Continue reading

Hit the Ground Running in 2015

Well, it’s a New Year, and it’s time to hit the ground running. Ask yourself these questions to assess whether or not you’re prepared to transition your military career into either the private or federal sectors: Do you have a … Continue reading

5 Reasons for a Holiday Career Re-Boot

It’s the end of the year and things are winding down. You’re full from Thanksgiving and there are more holidays to come. Perhaps your mind is on football, or family, or food, or shopping. You’re transitioning out of the military … Continue reading

Ever Considered Working for a Small Business?

Photo Attribution: Creative Commons, Jeffrey Beall, Hilger Block A friend who owned a local printing company tells the story of one of his best employees. He had hired a retired Navy E-7 who had learned the printing trade during his … Continue reading

A Resume Writer’s Profile: Colonel William Porter

When our clients begin working with the professional resume writers at Military Resume Writers, they encounter professional, dedicated, and highly trained individuals who sincerely want to help with their career transitions. Behind each of these writers there’s also a fascinating … Continue reading

Government Job Openings are Increasing

Are Federal Jobs on the Rebound? The federal government netted no new jobs in July, according to the latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, marking the fourth consecutive month without much movement in its total workforce.

CareerPro Global’s Military to Civilian Translator Series- Part I

In this series, we will offer ways to “translate” various terms, phrases, and ideas from a military context to something more understandable for civilians.   Military Term “Demilitarized” Usage     Battalion Personnel NCOIC Human Resources Manager Squadrons Ops Officer … Continue reading

CareerPro Global’s Top 7 Military-to-Civilian Resume Strategies

1. Say it like a civilian would.   What do I mean by this? Well, whether you’re describing your Battalion, Squadron, or some highly specific aspect of your particular specialty, 98% of civilians probably won’t know what it means. And … Continue reading