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Career Agenda – Leaving the United States Military?

As you get ready to move from your military life to a career as a civilian, it can be a challenging time for you and your spouse. Questions abound about what your life will be like, what your life will … Continue reading

[Video] Five Steps to Writing Strong Accomplishments

Well, another year gone, and a new one just begun! If you are one of the many veterans out there still going through the transition from military culture to civilian workplace, there is no way around it – you need … Continue reading

Happy Veterans Day!

5 Reasons For Veterans to be Optimistic

Well folks, with the government furlough, high suicide rates, and a thousand other things going on in the modern world and workplace, it’s a crazy time out there for military members and veterans. In the middle of all this, it’s easy … Continue reading

Federal Career Advisor Training from CareerPro Global

As you will learn in our free video training series, there is a growing industry out there, and it’s comprised of people who understand how to help job seekers find, apply for, and land jobs in the federal government. Click … Continue reading

New Infographic About Online Jobs

As our modern society and military continue to evolve and develop, there are more and more new jobs that require people to spend time online. In fact, many people, vets included, make a living either working online or supporting companies … Continue reading

Resources for Veterans

As the industry leader in helping prepare military personnel to transition into the civilian workforce, we come across lots of fantastic resources. This week, we wanted to share a few of them with you: The folks over at The Best Colleges … Continue reading

5 Tips to Help Veterans Rock a Job Interview

Let’s say you’ve been following this blog, and you either wrote or got some help writing a great private sector resume. The employer checked it out and called you in for the interview… That’s great. Nice job! Now what? Well, … Continue reading

What You Want vs. What You Bring …

There are lots of different formats you can use when writing a military transition resume for the private sector. You can view a free, professionally-written sample at this link. But remember, it’s not all about fancy fonts and graphs. You … Continue reading

Meditation and Yoga for Veterans?

I once heard a speaker say “There’s a reason that in an airplane, they tell you to put your own oxygen mask first.” To people in service to others, like members of the military, and parents, this may seem counter … Continue reading